Aaron Kirman stars in Listing Impossible on CNBC

Leading luxury real estate agent Aaron Kirman and his team specialize in tough multi-million dollar listings that no one else can sell.

A top-producing real estate team at Compass, Aaron Kirman Group, led by Aaron Kirman, stars in CNBC’s newest television show, “Listing Impossible,” an eight-episode series premiering this Wednesday, January 15 at 10 PM ET. To learn more about the buzzworthy show, we’ve interviewed Aaron Kirman to get the inside scoop about the show, what we can expect and why you don’t want to miss this new must-watch series.

Q: This show has been years in the making, and we know you’re passionate about this project, how did this show come about? 

[ Aaron Kirman ] The show came about because I was tired of watching real estate shows that don’t show the reality of our lives and of the real estate industry. I love the shows, but they show a very simplified, glamorous life of listing that $10 million house and making a million-dollar commission. And I felt there was a bigger, realer story. 

I wanted buyers and sellers to understand how they could win and that the stakes are really big. One wrong turn could hurt their lives tremendously. And one right turn could help their lives tremendously. I wanted to show the navigation of those turns. I also wanted to represent our industry in a way that demonstrates that I know how hard it is and what a tough business it is. I wanted it to show the nuances of our business, not just from an educational standpoint, but from a theoretical perspective. 

Q: There are quite a few real estate shows out there, and many of them paint an unrealistic picture of how this business works. What makes “Listing Impossible” different?

[ Aaron Kirman ] Well, “Listing Impossible” is 100% real. I told the producers, the only way I’ll be able to deliver you a good show is if you don’t make me an actor, because I don’t know how to act. So CNBC was gracious enough to follow me through my day-to-day and what I do in my meetings, and it’s real. And the difference you’ll see in our show is that because it’s real and it’s real-time, I don’t always win. The seller doesn’t always win. Of the 11 houses, we shot, only seven of them sold. So they’re going to see the wins, the losses, and the nuances. The good. And the bad. And that is part of what makes the show interesting. 

Q: You talk about balance as a lifestyle; how did you find the time for this show?

[ Aaron Kirman ] I’m not doing a great job of balancing my lifestyle right now. It’s still a work in progress. It’s something I’m working on, I don’t have it down yet. I’m doing my best. I do my best to meditate. I do my best to work out every day. I do my best to take “me” time. And when I know I’m not in the mood to work, I don’t work. If I’m not in the mood to work, that’s only going to make it worse. So I do my best to find balance. Is this the time to make that call, or is it not that time? Should we move it to tomorrow? 

I take care of myself the best I can and spoil myself as much as I can. I honor my needs and honor the moment. If I’m not in that spot, it’s not the right time to work. 

Q: In the show, you’ve got to deliver some tough news to some sellers and buyers, any advice to agents on how they can package the same type of honesty and authenticity to their clients?

[ Aaron Kirman ] Clients love it when you’re real. Be as authentic and real as you can and that will set you up above and beyond any other agent.

Sometimes it’s bad and sometimes it’s good. I believe every client deserves the right to make educated decisions that are going to be right for them. And the only way to do that is to be honest, accurate and sincere. People don’t hire you unless they like what you have to say. We don’t make a dollar unless we get hired and unless we sell a house.  The key here is to find your people. 

Time is all we have in our lives. We should value and cherish our time. The only way to do that is to value and cherish other people’s time. Help them save their time and energy – and we’re saving our own time and energy. 

Q: “Listing Impossible” includes you mentoring agents who are still working to perfect their craft. What is the best advice you’ve received in your career?

[ Aaron Kirman ] Be super authentic to yourself. Find the people who appreciate who you are – and that’s how you’re going to make the most money. And live the way you choose to live. Because if you’re happy, healthy and living right, the money will come, clients will come, and business will follow. 

Learn more about “Listing Impossible” and see Aaron and his team in action by watching the trailer here and tune in this Wednesday night at 7 PM PT/10 PM for the season premiere — The Cold Box on The Beach. Episode details below:


When L.A.’s wealthiest put their multi-million-dollar properties up for sale, they sometimes learn that the house of their dreams… isn’t anyone else’s. And as a result their very, um, unique creations can end up sitting on the market for years. That’s where superstar real estate agent Aaron Kirman and his team come in. To fix up the homes and attract the right buyers, they’ll need to tell these owners the cold, hard truth – something the rich and powerful don’t always like to hear. The eight-episode series is produced by Authentic Entertainment, a division of Endemol Shine North America, with Helga Eike, Sara Reddy and David Tibballs as executive producers. Luke Bauer is the executive producer for CNBC.

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