C.A.R appoints Farrah Wilder

Compass real estate professional and Oakland native Farrah Wilder has been appointed to a lead staff role by C.A.R. An agent in our Oakland office since 2012, Farrah now will take the lead in supporting C.A.R.’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. In that capacity she will collaborate with internal and external partners, key stakeholders, and C.A.R. members on initiatives to heighten awareness, build alliances and increase capabilities for this initiative across the organization.

“I am so grateful to have helped so many people from my community become homeowners, particularly those who never thought that it was possible,” Farrah said. “And it’s an honor to bring all that I have learned about the opportunities and challenges for underrepresented groups in homeownership over the years, as well as my lifelong commitment to social justice, to this work on diversity and equity for our greater Realtor and California communities.” 

Prior to her work with Pacific Union and now Compass, Farrah graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Law and was a law fellow with Equal Rights Advocates, and civil rights attorney with the U.S. Department of Education, in the Office for Civil Rights.

“I couldn’t be prouder to see one of our team elevated to this key position to influence the direction of C.A.R.’s efforts in this arena,” Compass California President Mark McLaughlin said.

Congratulations, Farrah!