What's Happening This Week: March 2, 2020

Los Angeles Greater Area

Powerhouse Pasadena restaurants

Whether your taste buds tend toward the masterfully classic or the intriguingly exotic, these Crown City spots will make them tingle. Old Pasadena is the key destination, but there are also delights beyond its boundaries. Just keep your eyes peeled and your Waze on.

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So high at Himalayas

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The Bowl schedule is here

True, the season doesn’t start until June, but anticipation is part of the fun. So are decisions: Brahms or Bugs Bunny? Rhapsody in Blue or the B-52s? Better finalize your Liszt soon: tickets to the Hollywood Bowl always disappear faster than falling fireworks.

Iconic Southland parks

Around here, there are lovely public parks everywhere you go. But a few capture the spirit of this place in uniquely compelling ways. From South Pasadena’s Garfield jewel box to the Palisades’ sprawling Will Rogers, each one is an exceptional way to say LA.