What's Happening This Week: March 23, 2020

LA Greater Area

Who’s added takeout/delivery dining

More restaurants are going this route every day, but here are a few of the more delicious highlights right now. Get the details on how to enjoy great restaurant fare at home — and support the great LA places that make it.

What your LA Library card delivers for free

We’re talking thousands of movies. Audiobooks, e-books and music. Online classes and courses. And that’s just the beginning. Your LA Library card brings it all into your home, just where you need it to be right now. Check it out.

Neighborhood gems along the LA river

Just because you can’t mingle doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. Recharge your spirits with a ramble through the local neighborhood. If yours happens to be near the LA River, here are some cool highlights to take in along the way.

Legendary noir films set in LA

Los Angeles was the birthplace of the mesmerizingly dark, psychological crime genre one French critic dubbed film noir. It started when the city’s scandalous early days inspired crime novelists … whose books inspired films. As this list shows, noir still fascinates.

San Francisco Bay Area


Going a little stir crazy? Here’s how to get your wine, maintain your health, source your takeout, and generally keep your sanity while sequestered at home during the Bay Area–wide shelter-in-place order. Thanks, 7×7.