What's Happening This Week: Nov. 16, 2020

Los Angeles Greater Area

Vintage Thanksgiving dishes to revive

Time was when these recipes were Turkey Day musts. Today, they’re lost in the cookbooks of time. Maybe this is the year to bring retro treats like cola glazed ham and Indian pudding back. Unless at your house, they never went away. 


Cut your own Christmas tree

You’ll need a saw (unpowered, puh-leeze), work gloves, tarps … and a tree farm. The first two are pretty much up to you. But some of the best farms are in this handy guide. Clearly, you’ll want to make a fragrant, festive day of it.


Experience the garden in a whole new light

Welcome to South Coast Botanic Garden Glow, an immersive encounter that wraps you in stunning designer lights and a curated soundtrack from Train to Vivaldi. It’s the garden’s first after-dark presentation … and an awesome holiday experience.

Courtesy of https://southcoastbotanicgarden.org/

Pasadena Showcase House … virtually

Welcome to Locke House, 7,600 square feet of modest country living. True, it’s not the live walkthrough we know and love. But with aerial video, 360° zoomable interior views, up-close designer interviews and more, it’s quite the awesome alternative. 

Courtesy of pasadenashowcase.org

San Francisco Bay Area

Spicy Thanksgiving

Khao yum to start, roast chicken with preserved lemons to follow with a side of pecan praline candied yams, and a spicy ginger molasses cake for dessert. Not exactly a typical Thanksgiving feast, but why not switch things up in this most unique of years courtesy of spice-heavy recipes from top Bay Area chefs. And don’t forget the warm bourbon cocktail to wash it all down.


Dollar rides on the Bay

If you’re ever going to give mass transportation another go, riding the ferry al-fresco in the S.F. Bay seems like best option. In a promotion to thank essential workers—and also encourage increased ridership—San Francisco Bay Ferry is rolling out “Dollar Days on the Bay” through the month of November.

View of the landmark San Francisco Ferry building tower with Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge in the background. | iStock


Support the Green New Deal? Like beer? HenHouse Brewing has the beverage for you. The Santa Rosa brewery will donate a proportion of all sales of its new IPA to climate change advocacy group Climate Emergency Fund.


The new normal on the slopes

It’s getting towards that time of the year in which Bay Area skiers and boarders start hearing the siren call of the Tahoe slopes. But as with everything else this year, it’s not quite so simple. Check out this comprehensive S.F. Chronicle guide to skiing in Tahoe during the pandemic. 

Skier in Lake Tahoe | iStock