Where We Are Now: April 10, 2020

Work From Home — Day 26

Is Venting OK?

Team –

Good Friday morning! Wall Street is closed today.

Every day seems to be a month long. More goes through my mind in a day than normally in a month.

Our crisis world is spinning so fast. Spinning does not mean moving. More like spinning in place [SIP]. I have referred to SIP as “running in place” as it seems more appropriate.

Everyone has real issues, stress, and even panic. It’s so normal to vent. We all need it – it unloads our minds, stress, and baggage.

But we still have the reality we are living in together – so I have a laugh for you that really cracked me up. Can we first agree, we all vent, we all have stress, and we all love to laugh?

Yesterday I was on a call with Peter Jonas, Compass President — Western USA, and all West Coast Compass Regional Presidents. I enjoy these calls as they connect us to the Compass mothership.

Adam Corey, Regional President San Diego, spoke up about “venting” and it was not really an agenda topic.

So many of our leaders have fielded hundreds of questions a week on what to do, when to show, how to behave, who plays inside the lines vs. outside the lines.

At a certain point, perspective is critical. The closing part of Adam’s narrative made me laugh, captured a perspective and created levity. The humor was not his message but how he delivered the message.

It went something like this: “Really? You want perspective on what we are dealing with? Call your grandparents or read a history book.” Eight of us laughed. “This virus has taken more than three times the total of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined.” Thanks Adam.

So, let’s agree, venting is 100 percent OK, natural, and important. This crisis is serious. We need to follow SIP local ordinances.

One rule, never, ever make venting personal. It’s all about the virus.

Today @ 11 AM, I will be participating in an online webinar with my friend Brian Boero, CEO, 1000Watt Consulting

Today’s Closing Bell will be an online survey. We really want you to participate.

This is Where We Are Now.



Mark A McLaughlin

Work From Home — Day 26 — Closing Bell

3:57PM PST

Team –

Cautious optimism seems to prevail. Four weeks of WFH. Meaningful changes in the virus curves from all around the world.

Today represents our pivot from reacting to the virus and SIP to playing offense and actioning our future. Next week our post-SIP execution planning begins.

Our most important planning mechanism is feedback from our real estate professionals on your experiences and instincts for post-SIP market conditions.

Please take 3 – 5 minutes to complete this survey. This survey is for real estate professionals and our managers. If you are on this distribution list, or reading the blog, and not a California real estate professional, please refrain from completing the survey.

We will aggregate the feedback and publish it for your benefit on Monday morning, April 13. We will do so in a format that will be consumable by you and your clients. We will slice it as many ways as we feel it will be productive.

Like last week, my wish for you this weekend is to be safe, get some time outside, exercise, and chill. All of these activities are ultra-important for your physical, emotional and mental health. Like a vacation, take a break. Turn your phone off and chill.

This is Where We Are Now.



Mark A McLaughlin