Where We Are Now: April 7, 2020

Work From Home — Day 23

Can You Learn to Chill?

5:10AM PST

Team –

What is more dynamic? AA battery or a AAA battery?

Most of us are type A personalities. We make life happen. Some of us are AA or even AAA personalities.

What is better? What is worse?

Nothing in my mind separates “driven” personality traits. We are all driven. Some of us drive a balanced life. Some of us drive a thriving business. Some of us wish we could balance our personal life and business life.

Good morning (other than SIP), this is 100 percent your chance to level set everything you want in life! How will you drive?

Shape it in your mind. Put goals on paper, post them on your refrigerator. Take the risk of writing them down and expressing to others what you want in life. From Where We Are Now, we have amazing upside- but unless it’s defined for your happiness, what is the upside?

We all have course changing events in our life. To me the most powerful course changers are personal not business. My experiences surround people that are precious to me.

As we transition through and out of SIP, my feeling is the world will get small. We will focus on those we love and miss!

Let’s use this time to define our personal path or victory?

Last night, I had a quick conversation with Nina Hatvany (San Francisco, CA) about a $5 million+ seller focused on getting on the market now. We debated the pluses and minuses, considering timing, virtual staging, “essential services” and the like. At the end, I feel we both decided patience was the best path and the right path for humanity.

I am pretty sure I said to Nina “Can’t we all just learn to chill?” We literally laughed and said good night. My conversation with Nina inspired this entire writing.

Are we capable of chilling?

Level set. This will all pass, maybe sooner that we think. Take this time to focus internally, with your loved ones. What are your personal goals and aspirations? How do they sound to you without the noise of the world?

SIP can be frustrating for AA or AAA personalities, but if we learn to chill, SIP is a peaceful place.

Take and treasure SIP. Think about people in your life. Think through your future. Do it without distraction, again, without the noise of the world.

It’s possible you may never get this chance in your life again.

“Can’t we all just learn to chill?” Think it through. Come out stronger!

This is Where We Are Now.



Mark A McLaughlin

Work From Home — Day 23 — Closing Bell

Details on Cancelled Escrows

7:15PM PST

Team – 

I took my own advice today. I was in my chair at 5AM, but at 2PM I took off on an amazing mountain bike ride until 5PM. We stopped two thirds of the way in and enjoyed a frosty cold beer overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

I am learning to chill!

Last night’s Closing Bell generated multiple questions/requests for details on cancellation. The most frequent question was the weighting of cancellation from March 1 to March 14 versus March 15 to March 31. In NorCal, our last day freely roaming the planet pre-SIP, was Sunday, March 15. In SoCal, this date was one week later on Sunday, March 22.

Cancellations in both regions are clearly more aggressive post-SIP. 65 percent came after March 15.

Good news is most of these units were replaced by new escrows. As I shared last night, these escrows ratified in SIP conditions (late March) are likely more durable in current circumstances.

Tomorrow morning I will have a mortgage update. I had two great calls today with experts.

This is Where We Are Now



Mark A McLaughlin