Where We Are Now: May 6, 2020

Work From Home — Day 51

Why Are My Results So Different?

6:15AM PST

Team –

At times we all are brushed with “there are so many choices for a real estate professional, why does it really matter who I elect to work with as a buyer or seller?”

Hard to answer at times without getting personal. Why are two people’s results so different in the same activity and local market?

I frequently reflect on athletics as a source of comparison. For one reason, athletics are designed to be clean and pure in results. The scoreboard generally defines the finest of top performers. Each performer knows the start, the finish, and event rules. The date and time of the event are generally pre-determined.

How each athlete prepares for the event physically and mentally makes a world of difference. The tenacity of training, the focus of the mind, and nutrition of the body are all contributors of success.

The same are all very true in our real estate markets. We have had a phrase for many years when prospective clients or vendors would refer to “all real estate companies are generally the same.”

Really? If all real estate companies are the same, why are our results so different? 

Even more true when focused on your personal performance. Forget about athletics. Athletes generally get to train and prepare for several, if not six, days a week and compete on the weekend. You train, compete, and recover daily.

Success has limited recognition in real estate. Maybe it’s the results recorded in the MLS? Possibly accomplishing a certain standing on the WSJ or RealTrends lists? More times than not, it is the success defined by the tears of happiness in a client’s eyes.

As the legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson said, “You’re only a success the moment you do a successful act, so these acts have to be repeated all the time.” So true and again what drives the good to be the great.

It’s the work ethic, the focus, the competitive drive in you! The perseverance, the training, the mental toughness, and the way you get up every day, without a ranking, without results to rest on, and roll through your day. It’s the internal drive you have to make a difference in someone’s life.

You do so as a role model, a parent, a significant other, a sibling or a friend. You do what you do every day to make a difference on your own scoreboard in life, not anyone else’s scoreboard.

What is your scoreboard?

I bet on you!

This is Where We Are Now.