Outer Parkside Neighborhood

Parkside neighborhood San Francisco

The Outer Parkside is part of a large group of neighborhoods running parallel to each other in the midwestern section of San Francisco, but each with their own distinct characteristics.

North of the three Parkside neighborhoods are the three Sunset neighborhoods, and atop that runs Golden Gate Park, which runs directly under the Richmond neighborhoods. The Outer Parkside, and many of its neighbors, were not developed until the 1930s and were previously an expansive sand dune. While the area can often be clumped together for reference, they are in fact four very different, and unique, groups of neighborhoods.

Directly outside the southern border of the neighborhood is the San Francisco Zoo, a destination for all San Francisco residents and tourists alike. And within the neighborhood limits, besides the sprawling oceanfront, are the West Sunset Playground and the South Sunset Playground, an easy destination for residents looking to stretch out in the outdoors.

The neighborhood, a large rectangle that sits on the Pacific Ocean along the Great Highway, is a California dream for many residents. Part of the bigger San Francisco picture but located on the picturesque coast of the city, it offers a residential lifestyle, overflowing with outdoor recreations. And the rumors are true: It is in fact often blanketed by fog. But with transportation, the beach, park activities, city access, and affordable living in abundance, residents are repaid in full for that minor inconvenience.