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Bella Shilman

Bella’s high energy and good nature is obvious from the moment you meet her. A genuine “people person,” she’s always ready to jump in enthusiastically. Coming to San Francisco from Uzbekistan at age seven set her on a trajectory of flourishing in the face of change. From early on, Bella showed the drive and resilience that marks an entrepreneur. Her journey from a non-English-speaking immigrant to integral member of the Bay Area community speaks volumes about her dedication to making a positive impact.

Bella’s professional path is as diverse as her background. With experience in retail, law, and tech, she began her real estate career at a brokerage. Immersed in the details of exclusive transactions, she supported several top San Francisco and Marin agents, learning the ins and outs of real estate from the Assistant side. Now, as a licensed Realtor, Bella is joining Team Wakelin as an Associate Sales Partner.  She leverages her extensive field expertise and connections to provide her clients with a premium level of service.

In this fast-paced industry, Bella stands out for her proactive approach; she can anticipate clients' needs and devise creative solutions. Being in the trenches as a liaison between clients and other agents is the zone that fills her with anticipation. If anyone savors the rush of dynamic information flow and timely decision-making, it’s Bella. 

In her free time, Bella enjoys hosting clothing swaps, Reggae music, and patronizing friends’ business establishments. She also enjoys the beautiful outdoors in Marin (where she lives now), weightlifting, and spending quality time with loved ones. Fluent and active in the Russian Jewish community, Bella is used to seeing familiar faces all over the city.

We’re delighted to have Bella on our team. Adaptable, resourceful, and collaborative, she is the ultimate proactive problem solver; we are confident you’ll value her contributions as much as we do.