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Kevin Wakelin

It’s no surprise that Kevin has conquered the world of residential real estate. Raised in Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and the UK, he is, in a word, international. He has an uncanny ability to assess opportunities from various perspectives quickly. His business savvy and innate leadership ability match his capacity for lateral out-of-the-box thinking. This rare combination is what sets Kevin apart. Loyal clients and investment partners know they can count on him — not just for sound advice, but for extraordinary insights. 

Kevin has honed his considerable skills in 30+ years of investment, development, and sales experience, both here and across the pond. As the leader of Team Wakelin, always bringing out the best in others, he is known for strategic thinking, tough negotiating, and swift decisions. He trusts his instincts, and his clients do, too. 

Kevin’s career began with a focus on loft dwellings in London. It then expanded to San Francisco, where he oversaw multiple large-scale live/work development projects. Over the years – immersed in entitlements, architecture, design, engineering, construction, marketing, and sales – he mastered the technicalities of real estate and the finances behind it. The result? Kevin’s expertise, amassed over decades, is fine-tuned to help his clients build tax-free wealth through their real estate transactions, not just put a roof over their heads.  

Kevin knows that building a home is not the same as building wealth. He understands the forces at play. For him, a successful real estate journey is not just about place; it’s about profit. When you buy a home, you enter a new phase of wealth expansion in your life. More than a transaction, a real estate deal is part of your overall financial planning. This comprehensive understanding of real estate is Kevin’s gift, born of experience in all facets of the business. 

Today Kevin lives in Mission Bay with his daughter, Hana. He is both the Founder of Vitality, a professional networking group for LGBT executives, and also the Founder of Castro Dads, the largest social group for gay dads and their kids in San Francisco. When asked what makes him especially proud, he answers: “Raising my daughter, running my own business, and living my life with love, kindness and generosity.”